Have your say on the Youth Justice Amendment Bill ⚖️💬 This Friday the Legal Affairs and Safety Committee is seeking feedback from the Gold Coast community and is holding a public hearing on the proposed changes to the Youth Justice Act. The hearing will take place on Friday 26 March from 11:00am – 3:00pm at Novotel Surfers Paradise. ‪If you would like to attend and share your views on the proposed changes, please register your interest by 10am Thursday 25 March 2021 👉
Electric Vehicles 🚗 There are 19.81 million vehicles registered in Australia—20,000 of those are EVs. Last year the EV market grew by 14,253. One of those was a car I bought. I am an MP who drives an electric vehicle. ... We have not seen any Qld Labor ministers driving around in electric vehicles. They talk up electric vehicles but they are not out there walking the walk. ... When the Labor minister says we should subsidise the price of electric vehicles and that that is the federal government’s responsibility, he is completely wrong. Instead, why doesn’t the state government put electric vehicles into their ministerial fleet and encourage their ministers to drive around in electric vehicles so they can see what the real issues are with using them? ... The easiest way for this government to learn about electric vehicles is for members to get one themselves and starting driving it.
Last week I spoke at the Greater Southern Gold Coast Chamber breakfast about the need for an integrated transport plan that considers the future. I live here too and I don’t want to see Burleigh and Palm Beach ripped up by inappropriate transport so that the Government and Council can increase development 🚫 That’s why I’ve fought for the funding of a Business Case that will consider all transport options and routes available for the Southern Gold Coast not just those already predetermined ✅

⚠️ Public Health Alert ⚠️

Following Western Australia’s announcement of a three-day lockdown, anyone who has been in the Perth or Peel regions on or since 17 April 2021 is required to comply with the following requirements:

📢 From midnight tonight, residents will be allowed to re-enter Queensland. Non-residents will require an exemption to enter Queensland.


✈️ Everyone entering Queensland after midnight tonight who has been in the Perth or Peel parts of WA since 17 April will be required to enter hotel quarantine for up to 14 days.

Anyone who has been in the Perth or Peel regions since 17 April 2021 and was in Queensland before 11.59pm April 23, 2021 is required to attain a COVID-19 test as soon as possible this weekend.

Even after a negative test is received, anyone who has been in the Perth or Peel regions on or since 17 April 2021 will be required to remain at home or in their accommodation except for the following essential reasons until 2am 27 April 2021 👇

📍 To attain essential goods such as food, groceries, medical or necessary supplies
📍 For medical or health care purposes
📍 Outdoor exercise
📍 End of life visits if allowed by the facility you are attending
📍 For safety reasons

😷 Masks must be worn at all times when leaving your home or accommodation.

You can find a list of testing clinics here:…/stay-inf…/testing-and-fever-clinics

For more information, visit…/current-sta…/urgent-covid-19-update

Information supplied by Queensland Health

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